Save the date – Groningen Pituitary and skull base symposium

24 september 2019

4-6 March 2020, Groningen

Save the date – Groningen Pituitary and skull base symposium

University Medical Center Groningen

Dear Colleagues,

We are pleased to invite you to our first Groningen Pituitary and Skull Base Symposium (GPS) to be held in March 2020 in Groningen, the Netherlands.
The GPS symposium is an initiative of two multidisciplinary teams (MDT’s), which are part of the UMC Groningen Comprehensive Cancer Center. The former Pituitary team and the Skull Base team have merged over the past year into the Groningen Pituitary and Skull Base Center.

Symposium 5-6 March 
The aim of the organizing committee is to propagate the knowledge about care and cure of patients with pituitary or skull base pathology. The symposium focuses on various aspects of pituitary and skull base disease. A national and international faculty will be present to elucidate on radiology, radiotherapy, endocrinology, surgery (also orbit), next to research topics.

Participants of the Symposium
All health care takers who are involved in the treatment or guidance of patients with pituitary or skull base pathology, such as endocrinologists, radiotherapists, radiologists, ophthalmologists, neurosurgeons, ENT surgeons and especially junior staff and residents.

Hands-on pre-course 4-5 March 
Prior to the symposium a hands-on pre course will be held. During this day and a half you will have the opportunity to perform endoscopic skull base surgery on cadavers. Ten stations will be equipped with endoscopes, burrs and suction equipment.
Participants will have the opportunity to ameliorate their knowledge and skills regarding endoscopic surgery of the cranial base, pituitary fossa and the orbit. Please note that the technique of endoscopic surgery is performed by two surgeons (four hands technique). As organizing committee we will staff each station with two participants to learn to develop this four hands technique.

Participants of the pre-course
This course is designed for skull base teams (neurosurgeons, ENT surgeons, ophthalmologists) and senior level residents to learn and practice the technical skills needed to perform (endoscopic) surgery of the ventral skull base. If you have experience with (endoscopic) skull base approaches, but are interested in more advanced surgical corridors to the skull base, this course is particular interesting for you.

Hope to meet you at our GPS symposium in March 2020 in Groningen!

With regards,

The organizing committee

More information
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