Multidisciplinary workshop for pituitary tumour specialists

7 december 2018
Multidisciplinary workshop for pituitary tumour specialists

The medical and surgical care for patients with pituitary adenomas is complex, not well standardized, and highly variable between centres. In our centre, the Leiden University Medical Center in the Netherlands, we have a long-standing tradition of pituitary tumour surgery and outcome research. We are one of the five expertise centres for pituitary care in the Netherlands. Furthermore we coordinate the Endo-ERN, the European Reference Network for rare endocrine conditions, and strive to expand patient focused care and education.

We organized our first CAPITAL, an ERN-endorsed multidisciplinary, international workshop in 2017. The workshop aims to be a forum for pituitary experts of all backgrounds, to exchange thoughts and ideas beyond the guidelines. The focus is clinical and practical. Typically, we choose topics that are of interest for multidisciplinary teams, and are generally not discussed in monodisciplinary conferences. We are excited that the world-leading experts that formed the faculty of the first edition are keen to participate again. The format was well received by the participants and we built upon our experiences of last year.

CAPITAL is a workshop, not a conference. We stimulate interaction, discussion, case presentations, and ask you to challenge the current standard of care. This inspiring interaction between faculty and participants and the shared fascination for high standard pituitary care are the main drivers of the success of our workshop.

We hope to meet you June 6 & 7, 2019 in Leiden.


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