Post-graduate course Childhood Craniopharyngioma

18 maart 2021

New developments and challanges in treatment. April 22nd & 23rd, 2021

Post-graduate course Childhood Craniopharyngioma

The treatment for Childhood Craniopharyngioma faces many challenges. Difficult choices often have to be made, striving for the most optimal balance, aiming for maximal tumor cure on the one hand versus for maximal preservation of hypothalamic-pituitary, visual and neuro cognitive function on the other hand.
It is a pleasure to announce the (postponed) online 6th International Post-graduate Course on Childhood Craniopharyngioma. Entitled:

New developments and challenges in the treatment of Childhood Craniopharyngioma; striving for the ultimate balance.

We aim to organize a top level, very interactive course for all disciplines involved in the research and care for children with Craniopharyngioma. A unique opportunity to learn all about new developments in care and research for childhood craniopharyngioma and a chance to meet your fellow colleagues online in the field. It is also possible to submit an abstract or a “difficult case” for the tumorboard.

This meeting is intended for professionals only and UEMS-EACCME® accredited.

You can register and find the program via the website.