ISE is looking for 2 ISE Education Editors!

9 juli 2019

Would you like to be one of the pillars of the International Society of Endocrinology’s educational strategy and help enhance educational opportunities for endocrinologists around the world? Are you ready to be part of the first ISE Editorial Committee that will help further ISE’s educational activities?

ISE is looking for 2 ISE Education Editors!

We’re looking for 2 proactive and well-connected Education Editors in the field who are willing to take part of this initiative on a voluntary basis for a 1-year term.

You will be accountable to the ISE Education & Endorsement Working Group and will work closely with the ISE Education Coordinator on the content development and review of ISE’s educational materials. You will guide the ISE Education coordinator by raising the topics that are most relevant and most actual for endocrinologists globally.

As an Education Editor, you will become familiar with ISE’s mission and vision and educational strategy and carry out the following functions:

ISE Global Education Hub (
Accredited by the European Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (EACCME).

Online activities
• Help develop an editorial calendar for ISE activities, around recognized international health days (e.g.: World Thyroid Day, World Diabetes Day, etc.) and by suggesting further educational activities.
• Help build webinar sessions by identifying content experts and creating an initial program for the webinar and potential questions to be asked to the expert panel or content experts.
• Act as a moderator in the scheduled webinars by introducing the content experts and guiding the debate and the Q&A.
• Support the Education Coordinator in building a database of Content Experts for the development of educational materials, such as eLearning courses, blended courses, case studies, assessment questions, forum discussions, video interviews, short educational videos, webinars, etc. (hereinafter “Online Activities”).
• Support the Education Coordinator in the creation of content drafts and storyboards for the development of the Online Activities by answering questions, suggesting new content, describing charts, and providing any necessary explanations.
• Support the Education Coordinator in the creation of quizzes, pre/post questions, and evaluation questions for the Online Activities.
• Help in the creation of case studies and real-life scenarios based on the content provided by the Content Expert.
• Review content drafts and storyboards for the creation of the Online Activities by ensuring that the content, examples, case studies, questions, etc. are accurate and suitable for the intended level of the training and target audience.

Third-party or Member Content
• Explore and suggest potential external content to be featured on the hub from other member societies or partners, ensuring the content is relevant, accurate, and up to date.

• Create and/or review wording for the promotion of the Online Activities.
• Raise issues and concerns with the ISE Education & Endorsement Working Group when needed.

ISE CME curricula
• Help create an ISE CME Curriculum of topics and subtopics for ISE’s educational activities and meetings that will enable ISE and other education providers to monitor their educational programs. ISE will use this curriculum for the development of its Online Activities and activities at onsite meetings.
• Help in the creation and analysis of needs assessments.

The chosen candidate should be able to serve in this position for the term of 1 year beginning as soon as possible but no later than September 2019.

The Education Editor will have the support of the ISE Education & Endorsement Working Group and the Education Coordinator in the development of content for ISE’s educational activities.

Applications will be reviewed and selected by the ISE Education & Endorsement Working Group.

Are you interested? Here’s how to apply:
Please send an email to explaining your motivation to volunteer for this position along with the following information:
• Qualifications (CV)
• Time availability per week
• A Letter of Recommendation of your National Society (not a strict requirement buthighly appreciated)

If you are interested, please send the above information by 31 July.

For any questions, please contact our Executive Director Ariane Brusselmans or ISE Education Coordinator, Pamela Funes.

Source: website ISE