Capital Care for Pituitary Adenoma Leiden

27 februari 2024

21-22 March 2024, Leiden
Multidisciplinary workshop for pituitary tumour specialists

We proudly invite you to participate in the 4th CAPITAL multidisciplinary workshop in Leiden, The Netherlands, for two inspiring days of sharing best practices of pituitary care. The preferred experience is to attend CAPITAL together with your team! So, at spare moments you can discuss new insights and ideas and reflect together on your own practice and future directions. The previous editions of CAPITAL were highly interactive. We shared challenges and protocols and discussed study proposals. This year again, the faculty is asked to address their practical approach in areas of uncertainties, and to deliver attractive presentations for the multidisciplinary audience including specialized nurses. The participants are invited to bring own cases and the faculty is available to discuss questions about organisation of pituitary care, in plenary Q & A sessions, or at a separate moment.

The Leiden Pituitary Center did develop since the start of CAPITAL and these are some highlights:

  • We use combination clinics for surgical decision making and aftercare
  • We implemented early discharge after surgery with telehealth by nurse specialist for surveillance
  • We perform weekly quality meetings and periodical quality evaluations, and further developed prospective data collection
  • We implemented functional imaging for complex cases (small remnants and recurrences)
  • We are coordinating a national study on the treatment of prolactinoma and see many cases with several degrees of drug intolerance
  • How to shape the shared decision-making process for elective indications is still a challenge. Also implementation of data registry is a challenge

We are curious to exchange ideas and share our practices! If you have any questions regarding the content of the workshop, feel free to contact us personally.

Course directors
Nienke Biermasz, Leontine Bakker, Wouter van Furth, Marco Verstegen, Eline Leijtens

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