The Milano Declaration – Because Hormones Matter

3 mei 2022

Endorsed by the NVE executive board

The Milano Declaration – Because Hormones Matter

The European Society of Endocrinology, the European Hormone and Metabolism Foundation, the ECAS national endocrine societies and other partner societies will publish on 23 May 2022 the Milano Declaration. The Milano Declaration  coincides with the launch of European Hormone Day on 23 May 2022 during the annual European Congress of Endocrinology in Milan (21-24 May).

The Milano Declaration is a milestone for the European endocrine community and aims to further unite us in raising the voice of endocrinology at the national as well as the European level.  The Declaration reiterates some of the key messages from the White Paper and has been drafted in close collaboration with ECAS and other partner societies.  The Declaration presents some of the main challenges in the field of endocrinology and solutions to overcome them.

The aim of the Declaration is to encourage national and European decision makers to better integrate endocrinology in European and national health policies, including in national and European research funding schemes.

The NVE executive board has endorsed the Milano Declaration.