Laboratory Evaluation & Unmet Clinical Needs in Bone Health

11 februari 2020

March 23rd 2020, 09:45 - 12:30, Auditorium, VU University

Laboratory Evaluation & Unmet Clinical Needs in Bone Health

Evaluation of bone health within blood is a challenge. Vitamin D, PTH and bone turnover markers like P1NP and CTx are the most frequently used biomarkers. However, do all these biomarkers have true clinical value in the diagnosis and follow up of patients with bone (related) diseases? What are the analytical possibilities? Moreover, what unmet clinical needs exist in the field of biomarkers for bone health? And will we be able to fulfill these needs in the future in the laboratory?
These questions will be answered by national and international experts in the field during the symposium preceding the PhD defenses of Mariska Vlot and Niek Dirks in the VU University in Amsterdam.

Laboratory evaluation & Unmet clinical needs of bone health

9.45h-9.55h Introduction

Laboratory evaluation of bone health
Clinical utility and analytical possibilities: current status
Drs Mariska Vlot and Drs Niek Dirks

10.25h-10.50h coffee break

Bone health: unmet clinical needs
What are “unmet clinical needs”?
Prof Dr Christa Cobbaert

The endocrine perspective
Prof Dr Barbara Obermayer-Pietsch

The nephrology perspective
Prof Dr Marc Vervloet

11:40-12:00h coffee break

Laboratory evaluation of bone health
Future perspectives
Prof Dr Etienne Cavalier

Closing remarks


13:45h PhD defense Mariska Vlot

15:45h PhD defense Niek Dirks


Drs Mariska Vlot
PhD student at Amsterdam UMC, Amsterdam
Internist- endocrinologist in St Jansdal hospital, Harderwijk

Drs Niek Dirks
PhD student at Amsterdam UMC, Amsterdam
Clinical chemist in residence at Atal Medial, Amsterdam

Prof Dr Christa Cobbaert
Laboratory specialist and head of the Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine department at Leiden University Medical Center, Leiden
Vice Chair of the IFCC Scientific Division (International Federation of Clinical Chemistry)

Prof Dr Barbara Obermayer-Pietsch
Internist endocrinologist and head of the department of Endocrinology at the University Hospital Graz, Austria
Board member and Chair of the research committee of the European Calcified Tissue Society

Prof Dr Marc Vervloet (Amsterdam UMC)
Nephrologist at the Amsterdam UMC, Amsterdam
Chair of the ERA-EDTA working group on CKD-MBD (Chronic Kidney Disease – Mineral Bone Disorder)

Prof Dr Etienne Cavalier
Clinical Chemist and head of the Clinical Chemistry department at Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Liège, Belgium
Chair of the IFCC Bone Committee (International Federation of Clinical Chemistry)

Organization Committee
Dr Ir Mariette Ackermans, Endocrine Laboratory, dept. of Clinical Chemistry
Prof Dr Martin den Heijer, dept. of Internal Medicine, Endocrinology
Dr Annemieke Heijboer, Endocrine Laboratory, dept. of Clinical Chemistry
Prof Dr Robert de Jonge, dept. of Clinical Chemistry
Amsterdam UMC

Registration for the symposium is free of charge. To organize the catering please register before March 1, 2020 by sending an email to A. van Nieuwkoop. Please include your BIG number/debiteur number if applicable.

Auditorium, Hoofdgebouw, VU University, de Boelelaan 1105, 1081 HV Amsterdam

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