ESE Recommendation on CRH Shortage

20 januari 2024

scope of the problem and how to address it

ESE Recommendation on CRH Shortage

There is an emerging issue concerning the shortage of CRH in many European countries because Ferring Pharmaceuticals (the main global supplier of CRH) has stopped its production.

In this context, there has been several discussions within the European Society of Endocrinology (ESE), particularly within the ESE Clinical Committee, and there is a general agreement that this may be a problem for the practice of Endocrinology.

Hence, the ESE took the initiative of gathering a working group composed by experts in the field in order to write a document informing the Endocrine community about this CRH shortage, and providing some recommendations on how best to address this issue.

Please find this ESE Recommendation document on CRH Shortage attached to this email.
This document is also available on the website of ESE.