ECAS Symposium at ECE 2023

31 januari 2023

Submit your presentation proposal

ECAS Symposium at ECE 2023

As part of the programme of the upcoming 2023 European Congress of Endocrinology, 13-16 May 2023 in Istanbul, Turkey, we are organizing an ECAS symposium to showcase the initiatives of ECAS and perspectives from various European countries. Below is a draft programme of the session.

We hope you will be able to join us for this interesting session and we plan to dedicate a part of it to short presentations from the national societies of ECAS. We invite you to submit proposals for a 5-minute presentation from your country, on a topic you consider as relevant for other countries. Topics can vary and, just as an example, could include good practices in organisation of treating endocrine disorders in your country, challenges related to endocrine training, access to expensive drugs in your country, and many other.

In order to submit proposals please respond to with your suggested topic and its short description (one paragraph) by 20 February.

The ECAS Chairs will then select presentations to design a coherent session. The selected presentations will be delivered as part of point 5 of the below programme.

Monday 15 May 2023; 15.50-17.20 local time

  1. Introduction by the chairs (5 minutes)
  2. Emergency endocrine treatments during Covid-19 – a combination of knowledge and skills (20 + 5 minutes)
  3. Diabetes care and management of endocrine diseases during the humanitarian emergency in Ukraine (20 + 5 minutes)
  4. ECAS perspectives – strategic projects for 2023-2024 (10 – 15 mins)
  5. From the life of ECAS Affiliated Society – an example of clinical initiative or project on the national level (2-4 presentations, 20 – 25 mins total)
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