Announcement and invitation to the ESE White Paper launch events

13 april 2021
Announcement and invitation to the ESE White Paper launch events

Update May 4th, 2021:

The ‘Brussels’ launch webinar for the ESE White Paper has taken place may 4th, and the White Paper document that formed the backbone of this webinar event is now available on the ESE Website.

Over the last two years, our Society has been working with the European Society for Endocrinology (ESE) and the other National Societies member of the ESE Council of Affiliated Societies (ECAS) (ECAS page) on mapping and surveying endocrinology in Europe, and developing the position and contribution of endocrinology in health policies.  The result of this will be published in May 2021 as a White Paper:

Hormones in European Health Policies: How Endocrinologists can contribute towards a healthier Europe.

This document, first of its kind in Europe, has now received endorsement of 45 National Endocrine Societies  and 7 ESE associated Specialist Societies representing the vast majority of the more than 20.000 Endocrinologists in our Continent.

ESE, along with myself, would like to invite you to participate in the launch of this seminal White Paper over several events in May. I strongly encourage you to attend one of these events to hear about this first hand. A copy of the White Paper will be available at the time of the launch event on 4 May on ESE’s website.


Launch  Webinar

Tuesday May 4 10.00-12.00 hrs CEST; Webinar: Hormones in European Health Policies: How endocrinologists can contribute towards a healthier Europe.

A webinar for and with European policy makers, experts and other interested parties to discuss ‘why hormones matter in European health policies’. The event will introduce  the interlinkages between endocrinology and COVID-19, and will have dedicated sessions for four important health topics: obesity, cancer, rare diseases and endocrine disrupting chemicals. For each topic a discussion will take place between involved policymakers and expert endocrinologists.

Registration for this event is open and can happen HERE


e-ECE 2021 Opening Ceremony

Saturday May 22, 16.00 – 16.45 hrs CEST; ECE 2021 Opening ceremony with presence of Stella Kyriakides, EU Commissioner for Health and Food Safety

Commissioner Kyriakides has accepted the invitation to provide opening statements to the 23rd European Congress of Endocrinology (e-ECE 2021).

Information about ECE2021 can be found HERE


e-ECE 2021 ECAS Symposium

Sunday May 23, 13.00 – 14.30 hrs CEST; Hormones in European Health Policies: From improved care of endocrine patients to better life conditions for all European citizens.

This symposium, as part of the digital ECE2021 congress, will inform the congress audience about the White Paper, point to the present status of policies in the priority areas and include a contribution about the developing EU Research agenda and opportunities.

Information about ECE2021 can be found HERE


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