ENDO ESE International Endocrine Scholars Programme

Purpose of the ENDO ESE International Endocrine Scholars Programme (IESP):

The ESE ENDO International Endocrine Scholars Programme is aimed at promoting the career development of young endocrinologists from around the globe by identifying talented young investigators and offering them an exceptional training experience.

Ideal candidates are post-doctoral endocrinologists with promising leadership skills and at the top rank with respect to intelligence, motivation, prior accomplishments, and English language skills. Once selected, the recipients receive counsel through a unique mentoring programme that helps them find financial support, advice and esteemed training opportunities.

The purpose of the programme is to select highly qualified candidates who wish to gain training for a period of 2-3 years in an outstanding laboratory. Individuals with an MD, PhD, DVM, MD/PhD (or equivalent degree) are eligible; clinically qualified candidates should have advanced or completed training.

The training focuses on laboratory-based research; clinically qualified candidates could have an additional clinical observer status, if relevant. However, clinical training is not part of the program. It is expected that the candidates will return to their home country after the training.

The ESE ENDO International Endocrine Scholars Programme (IESP) is part of an integrated effort to facilitate collaboration among scientists working around the world and has the long range goal to develop an interactive relationship between the IESP Scholars, the European Society of Endocrinology and The Endocrine Society which continues after the return of the IESP Scholars to their home countries. A key element of this plan is to select Scholars who will later become leaders in Endocrinology in their home countries and internationally.


What the IESP Programme offers:

Successful candidates will be invited to attend both the European Society of Endocrinology and The Endocrine Society annual meetings. Travel, registration, and accommodation to ECE and ENDO will be covered by the European Society of Endocrinology (ESE) for attendance to ECE and The Endocrine Society (TES) for attendance to ENDO.

Upon selection as an ESE ENDO IESP Scholar, the individual will receive free membership to the European Society of Endocrinology and The Endocrine Society for a period of three years.

The Scholar will also receive a travel bursary  of €3000 to cover visits to potential host labs for his/her postdoctoral research periodNote: The travel bursary has to be taken up within 12 months of the ECE meeting during which the award has been presented.

The ESE ENDO IESP Scholar will be invited meet the international IESP selection panel at ECE and ENDO, with an opportunity to present his/her previous work and future research plans. One or two mentors will be provided for each ESE ENDO IESP Scholar during the ESE and TES annual meetings. These will assist the ESE ENDO IESP Scholar in the selection of talks to attend and allow introduction to several Society members. 

Successful ESE ENDO IESP Scholar will take part in an interview process at The Endocrine Society annual meeting (ENDO), where they will interview with directors of several laboratories with the purpose of choosing the most appropriate laboratory for training. Similar opportunities will be available during the European Congress of Endocrinology (ECE).


Application process for the IESP Programme 2015:

Eligibility for application is open to candidates from Europe (as defined by the ESE Byelaws) including the ESE Affiliated Society members and countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea.

Eligible candidates should submit the following documents:-
1.A standard IESP CV (MS Word) (163kb)
2.A short description of the area of his/her research (no more than one paragraph)
3.A list of the laboratories where the candidate would like to work and the e-mail addresses of the laboratory directors (if possible)
4.Three letters of recommendation from mentors or supervisors

All documents must be submitted by email to by the deadline stated. Please note that all applicants will be notified whether they have been successful or not. The decision of the ESE ENDO IESP Selection Committee is final.

The ESE ENDO IESP Selection committee will review the applications and select the European candidates who will become ESE ENDO IESP Scholars. The selected candidates will be ratified by the IESP task force of The Endocrine Society.

The ESE ENDO IESP Selection Committee comprises clinical and basic scientists across Europe with active involvement in their respective national societies and the European Society of Endocrinology, with a strong interest in furthering training and career development, a significant level of scientific expertise and experience in training young scientists. The committee membership takes into account geographical consideration to ensure a good distribution of members across different regions, though due to sheer numbers of affiliated national societies it will not be possible to have a member from each ESE member country at any given time.

ESE ENDO IESP Selection Committee:

Wiebke Arlt, UK (Chair)
 Felix Beuschlein, Germany
 Mihail Coculescu, Romania
 Eric Fliers, Netherlands
 Sevim Gullu, Turkey
 Ilpo Huhtaniemi, Finland
 Peter Igaz, Hungary
 Christina Kanaka-Gantenbein, Greece
 Kristian Løvås, Norway
 Marek Niedziela, Poland
 Luca Persani, Italy
 Marija Pfeifer, Slovenia
 Valdis Pirags, Latvia
 Vera Popovic, Serbia
 Patrice Rodien, France
 Mark Sherlock, Ireland
 Manuel Tena-Sempere, Spain
 Allan Vaag, Denmark

For further information regarding the ESE ENDO International Endocrine Scholars Programme please contact the ESE Office on

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